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lunes, 13 de mayo de 2013

Examen de expresión escrita

Este trabajo está dedicado, con todo mi cariño, a los que sufren los exámenes de la EOI, en su faceta de "expresión escrita".

Someone in need

Oh, my God! Today is the day. Well, take it easy! It’s just a question, a paper, me and forty five minutes upfront but, I feel how my mind goes blank. How come? I have to make up something! Well, remember the teacher’s advice and put pen to paper. That’s the best way! The only way!

First of all, “read carefully the subject and brainstorm some ideas”. Sure, it should be easy but, wait a moment! This is going to be a storm of just one single brain, my brain. Well, let’s see! The subject is…Oh, my God! “The fall of the Roman Empire” but, but… if I don’t know almost anything about that, even in Spanish! How am I going to write something coherent in English? Come on, it’s not all doom and gloom, at least there must have been Romans and Barbarians; moreover there had been a war between them for sure. Well, I think it’s enough so far, let’s go to the next step.

Although I can roughly speak about the subject, I’m very good at using linkers and I therefore have half of the mark assured. However, let’s see, we have “because, in my view, in conclusion, in fact…” Hmmm. I’m not sure if so few will be enough. If I had done my homework last term, I wouldn’t have so many problems today and, to make matters worse, not only do I have to use linkers but I also have to use inversions. Oh, my God! I forgot to study them. I have no option but to find out how to cheat.

Finally, I have to conclude something. Oh, what a mess! What the hell will the teacher like, in favour or against the Barbarians? Well, I think I’ll defend Romans because they look better in movies. However, I can also say that History was never studied in my school. Well, I do believe it should be sufficient; otherwise the teacher would be unfair to me.

Oh, my God! I’m still on the analysis phase and only five minutes left!.... Now I’m really doomed.


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